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[DISCOUNTS] Is there a First time order discount?

[INFO] How do you calculate net carbs? Everywhere else does total carbs and subtracts the fibre. You seem to be using a different method.


Where do I use my Discount Code or Gift Card?

Can I combine discounts / coupons?

Do you accept manufacturer coupons / discount codes?

Loyalty Points

What is the Loyalty Points Program?

Why should I sign up for a Loyalty Points account?

How do I sign up for a Loyalty Points account?

What rewards are offered for Loyalty Points?

How do I earn Loyalty Points?

I signed up for the Low Carb Canada Newsletter before the Loyalty Points Program was added to the site. Do I still get my 500 points?

How do I see how many Loyalty Points I've earned?

How long does it take my Loyalty Points to credit to my account?

How do I redeem my Loyalty Points?

What do I do if I do not receive my Loyalty Points?

Why didn't I receive my Loyalty Points for my last purchase?

I am a Wholesale customer; do I receive Loyalty Points for my purchases?

Can I use my Free Shipping code and my Loyalty Points reward at the same time?

Do I have to spend a minimum amount at checkout in order to use my Loyalty Points Voucher Code?

About Us

Why Choose Us?

How do I contact you? What is your phone number? Email?


How do I get Free Shipping?

How long will it take to ship my order? / When will my order be shipped?

Can I add items to my order after it has been completed?

Can I tell how much I will be charged for shipping before I place my order?

Why was I charged for extra shipping fees?

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Do you ship on weekends and holidays?


Will i receive a tracking number for my order once it ships?

ThinSlim Rx

How does ThinSlim Rx work?

How does ThinSlim Rx work?

Before and After Photos!

Before Round 1 (2015) (click to see)

Round 1 (Nov-Dec 2015)

Round 2 (Jan 2016) (coming soon)

ThinSlim Rx 30 Day Challenge

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