Generation UCAN Energizes Athletes and Individuals Seeking Better and Healthier Glucose Management

July 14, 2017

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Generation UCAN Energizes Athletes and Individuals Seeking Better and Healthier Glucose Management 

Groundbreaking Carbohydrate Aims to Revolutionize Consumer Nutrition

Generation UCAN benefits include:
• Healthy, steady, on-going energy without sugars or caffeine
• No spike and crash
• No gastrointestinal (GI) distress - so it’s gentle on the stomach
• A unique dual-fuel energy profile that helps burn both carbohydrates and fat

As the world’s most successful endurance runners glide across the finish line of this year’s Marathons, many will be fueled by Generation UCAN - a new drink that is revolutionizing consumer nutrition. This is a new generation drink has a unique one-of-a-kind energy source – “SuperStarch.” Already, through word of mouth, Generation UCAN is quickly becoming the go-to natural energy source for many of today’s Olympic, professional and collegiate athletes. Since its official launch in Boston in 2010, the company has opened its doors for business to all athletes and as healthy nutrition for glucose challenged individuals all over the world.

Generation UCAN’s unique carbohydrate, deemed “SuperStarch” by its founders, was originally designed for kids like Jonah Feldman, a child with a rare disease that prohibits the body from producing its own blood sugar, resulting in frequent episodes of hypoglycemia. “The launch of Generation UCAN was a major milestone for me and my family,” says David Feldman, Jonah’s father and cofounder of the UCAN Company. “What began as a quest to help my son has resulted in an incredible product that is helping others achieve their best. It’s all very inspiring and tremendously fulfilling.”

As its founders ran further tests, including an athlete clinical trial at the University of Oklahoma, they realized that its one-of-a-kind energy yielded benefits for athletes, who also have to work at managing their glucose levels. From there, Generation UCAN was formed. What makes SuperStarch so revolutionary is that its unique benefits provide a vast improvement for athletes over popular energy sources. Independent lab tests proved that Generation UCAN provides optimal glucose levels during and after activity. Its “SuperStarch” properties help the body’s metabolism to become more efficient by tapping into fat stores. This also has broader applications in several segments - including weight management.

Citing the benefits of Generation UCAN for his personal workout Dan Vincent, a diabetic athlete and Head Triathlete Captain for the Triabetes organization and an Iron triathlete himself says:

“I love this product!!! It has only opened doors for me. I felt for the longest time I hit road blocks with my personal training as I would hit the unstable blood sugar roller coasters more often than not. As soon as Generation UCAN was introduced to me it flipped my world. My trainings were more productive. I felt stronger! I felt more confident and stable with my blood sugars! For the longest time I felt like I was missing certain elements within my diet to allow me to train and compete the way I wanted. Generation UCAN has not only filled in those elements but has helped me to take my competition to another level. I am excited to share this secret with my fellow diabetics as I think it is essential for making it happen (whatever that maybe).”

Generation UCAN is proud to be aligned with organizations such as Insulindependence ( to provide a much needed healthier alternative instead of sugar laden products that are harmful to the overall health and well being of diabetic athletes and individuals. Generation UCAN products, with their sustained glucose release with out spike and crash provide better glucose management without the surges in sugars that accompany other sports nutrition products. Insulindependence’s mission is “to inspire people with diabetes to set personal fitness goals, educate them on adaptive management strategies through hands-on experience, and equip them to explore their individual capacities.” Generation UCAN is currently available in single serve packets that are mixed with 8 to 16 oz of cold water and consumed before activity for sustained energy, or after activity to assist with recovery. Flavors include Pomegranate-Blueberry, Lemonade, Cranberry-Raspberry, Vanilla (with protein), Chocolate (with protein) and Plain. The product is sold online, and has started expanding its availability in specialty retail stores around the country.

To learn more about the products, the science and all the amazing benefits, please visit or call 203-397-UCAN (8226). For inquiries contact:

Generation UCAN is owned, manufactured and trademarked by The UCAN Company of Woodbridge, CT. The UCAN Company is built on passion and an advisory board that consists of today’s leading sports nutritionists and scientists - experts who are all driven to make a difference. Generation UCAN is about accomplishing your goals, because UCAN. It embodies the spirit of the company and the people who have joined this new revolutionary generation. © 2009 The UCAN Company.

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