What's so great about Generation UCAN's SuperStarch?

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What is great about Generation UCAN's SuperStarch is that it keeps the body in ketosis, while providing the body with stable energy for exercise. UCAN's top expert, is Dr. Jeff Volek and he is one of the pioneers of the ketogenic/low carb diet.
Since Generation UCAN basically flat-lines insulin (the hormone kept at low levels on a low-carb diet), it is finally a carbohydrate that doesn't block your body's ability to burn fat.  The slow-release of UCAN out of the intestine into the bloodstream stabilizes blood glucose for long periods of time, especially when in Ketosis as you've trained your body to rely heavily on fatty acids for fuel during exercise.  One of the main factors for staying in ketosis is keeping insulin levels low.  That is why some who consume high amounts of protein (that can cause a high insulin response) can't stay in ketosis and need to lower their overall protein allotment.
You will see benefits for short-duration and long-duration exercise.  We have some people on ketogenic diets who use UCAN for a 30 minute high intensity training session or who do short runs.  One exercise specialist who puts all his clients on ketogenic diets, said he keeps a 2.5 level of beta-hydroxybutrate (a measure of the main ketone body in the blood) with using UCAN before and with some after strength training and high intensity conditioning workouts.  Many customers even send me their ketone levels as they are amazed and most find an increase in performance (faster times, faster recovery).  They also feel better focus due to the steady and long-lasting release of glucose into the bloodstream.
I would use UCAN 30 minutes prior to your exercise with 8-12 oz cold water.  You can start with 1 scoop if you use the tub.  To be clear on servings, 1.5 scoops = 1 packet.  So, the tub is simply a slightly smaller serving as some found they want to use a smaller serving for shorter durations (like a 30 minute run) or they want to customize their serving with more ease.  
Some recover with a fat/protein meal after a shorter workout, while others impliment another UCAN scoop into a post-workout protein/fat shake, especially after a hard session.  You will ultimately experiment to see how it works best for you.
By the way, on non-workout days, many on ketogenic diets add 1 serving of Generation UCAN to a protein/fat shake, especially at night if they have carb/sugar cravings in the beginning of the diet."

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