The Benefits of Ketones

I am going to start this week’s post with some questions: Do you have any questions? Have you tried any of the products we have talked about so far? The Brain Octane Oil, the Keto O/S or low carb noodles? If yes, how are you doing with them? Remember that you can email me directly at: and I will get back to you as soon as I am able. If I see the same question coming up a lot I will answer it in a coming week. After all, this newsletter is for you so ask away!

Last week we talked about the benefits of MCT oil, this week, I want to list for you some of the benefits of Ketones so that you can start to get your head around whether you want to try a Ketogenic Diet or, if you prefer a Low Carb Lifestyle paired with an exogenous Ketone Supplement (see below on how to buy) and/or MCT oil like Brain Octane sold on the Low Carb Canada site. For the next few weeks I will then do a deeper dive on each one of these benefits so that you can gain a better understanding of how this can benefit your health.

Some of the benefits of ketones to human health:
1. Ketones help to manage and reduce systemic inflammation
2. They help to stabilize blood sugar
3. Help to reduce and in many cases eliminate cravings for sugar and excess carbohydrates
4. Help to reduce and/or manage appetite
5. Improve mental clarity and focus
6. Help the body to burn fat stores for fuel
7. Preserve lean muscle mass
8. Increase energy
9. Help the muscles do more work with less oxygen (in plain English - great for workouts)
10. Exogenous Ketones seem to make the body less efficient at storing fat (!) this is called reduced food efficiency.
11. Ketones are a signalling molecule and as such can help with hormone balancing
12. Ketones can help to improve insulin resistance
13. Ketones are great for gut health and digestion (as long as you also eat lots of non starchy vegetables)
14. ketones seem to also improve sleep
15. Ketones also act on the pathway to produce antioxidants helping your body to produce more of these important anti aging compounds like Glutathione, SOD and Catalase

Clearly, I could go on.… As you can see, figuring out a way to expose your body to ketones at least some of the time could bring significant benefits to your health. Imagine helping your body to burn fat, build and keep lean muscle while staying mentally sharp and having great energy…to say nothing of anti aging benefits!

So, whether you are fighting obesity, diabetes (particularly Type 2), metabolic syndrome or you just want to feel better, exploring a low carb diet and/or trying using an exogenous ketone supplement like Keto O/S should be at the top of your to do list. Another benefit of exogenous ketones is that they will make it easier for you to stick to a lower carbohydrate diet as you will feel less hungry and have better energy overall.

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