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Welcome back to KetoKorner and welcome to winter!!! Ok it’s not exactly snowing but here in Toronto the temperature has finally dipped low enough that we can at least start to believe that Christmas is right around the corner. This week, I wanted to briefly tackle a few strategies to help you support your immune system because of course, along with the change in weather and cocktail season (which we discussed last week) comes cold and flu season. There are a few really basic things you can be doing, eating (and not eating) to help you be the person that does NOT fall prey to every lonely germ looking for a new home…without delay here they are:

1. Avoid sugar like the plague. As a low carb or Keto adapted person this is a gimme but temptation will be everywhere for the next few weeks so do your best to be strong - say NO to sugar as there seems to be a definite link between excess sugar consumption and an impaired immune system.
2. Get lots of sleep, sure there will be a few late nights but do your best to get decent shut eye every other night - lack of sleep has actually been shown to depress immune function.
3. Take your probiotics! A healthy micro biome (that colony of good bugs in your gut) is your first line of defense against viruses and bacteria - good quality probiotics (taken with your meals) can help to keep you healthy.
4. Start meditating - download an app like Headspace and use it every day - studies show that people who meditate regularly seem to have stronger immune systems which could have something to do with the dire effects of stress on immunity.
5. Wash your hands with regular soap and water (avoid antibacterials) especially when around sick people - this one is easy but how often we forget!

So at this point you are wondering…she hasn’t mentioned Keto O/S yet - where does it fit in? Or does it? Well of course it does! Just think - given that Ketones help to reduce cravings by stabilizing blood sugar then it should be easier to say no thanks to Aunt Jan’s Snickerdoodles.

And, if Ketones help you get better sleep then number 2 might just get a bit easier.

The 3.0 Formula (Chocolate Swirl) includes Inulin in the formula which is a prebiotic fibre that helps to keep your gut bugs happy - so that’s a step in the right direction on number 3.

And, while Ketones may not help you to meditate there’s some evidence that they may have a balancing effect on neurotransmitters which could explain some of the anecdotal stories of people reporting that they just feel better when they drink Keto O/S or are in Nutritional Ketosis…and less stress seems to be better for immunity ergo…

Hand washing? Well there’s nothing that Ketones can help you with there - you’re just going to have to take that on as a project…

Keto O/S Special Offer Still On - While stocks are dwindling and we only have some 3.0 and KetoKreme left, we still have some stock available if you decide to take the plunge this week and order yourself a 30 Day (or more) supply of Keto O/S. If you send me an email with your order number, we will throw in an extra couple of single serve sachets as a thank you for your business! Just send me an email at: so that I can make sure you get your freebies!

For those of you who took us up on our offer please make sure that you watch the videos to get you started on your Keto journey: The first explains how to use Keto O/S and the second explains how ketones work in your body - both are short and informative.

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As always, thank you so much for reading and keep sending your comments and questions!


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