Keto Corner Intro - Nathalie Niddam

Hi, welcome to the Keto Korner - my name is Nathalie Niddam - I am a Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach and I am thrilled to be kicking off the Keto Korner for the Low Carb Canada community! I thought I would use this first post to tell you a bit about me and how I envision brining value to you, our readers. This is a bit long, in the future, know that I will do my best to keep posts nice and short.

While I always considered myself a healthy person, looking back, I can tell you that there was trouble brewing with my health from the time I was a child. I was born by C section and formula fed which right away set me up for micro biome imbalances that I would later learn lay at the root of health issues that would dog me for most of my adult life. Frequent illnesses (croupe, pneumonia, strep throat) meant repeated courses of antibiotics further damaging my gut and leaving me a sitting duck for the next bug that came along. By the time I was a teenager Candida overgrowth, a sluggish digestion and constant carb cravings were my close companions, although at the time, I never really put two and two together. What I think ultimately saved me from total disaster was my mediterannean upbringing, I had been raised on lots of fresh vegetables and home cooked meals which probably protected me somewhat from the imbalances building in my body. The other factor playing in my favour was a love of science and a love of food - while it took years for me to do so I eventually joined these two passions and went back to school to study Nutrition. At the time, my motivation was almost purely to help others. But thinking back I have to admit that looking at my family I did not love what seemed to be waiting for me as I aged…diabetes, gout, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure…surely there was a way to avoid this?

Fast forward to today and I am happy to report that yes….for most of us, including me, if we are willing to make some changes to our diet and to our lifestyle we can avoid many if not all of the diseases that seem to be plaguing our society - obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, hormone imbalances, digestive disorders….these and more can either be resolved or at least improved through better diet and lifestyle choices. It’s not always easy but if what you are after is great energy, a healthy body and a healthy mind and you are willing to reconsider what is “healthy” then this is all available to you.

Ok - so what can you look forward to in this Keto Korner? I will be providing you with information and recipes mainly on the various low carb lifestyles that are gaining traction (with good reason) with people looking to optimize their health and performance. From Paleo to Primal, Ketogenic, to Modified Ketogenic - I will cover them all and, in doing so, hopefully help you to figure out which is the right one for you. I will also be covering “hacks” to occasionally help you to cut some corners or even supplements that might be helpful on your journey. I will be happy to answer your questions so do send them in but please keep in mind that I am not a doctor so I cannot and will not be able to give out any medical advice nor should anything on this page be construed as such.

Thank you for reading this far! I look forward to hearing from you all, questions, suggestions for topics, feedback…all are great and all are welcome.

Thanks and thank you for including me on your journey!!

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