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Can you believe we are almost through the month of January???  I know it’s still cold but the days are already noticeably longer and, in my mind, this is the sign of real progress!  Light is life - even when it’s cold lol!

For this post I decided to change things up a bit, rather than expounding the virtues of eating this or that food I thought we could explore a topic that I often tackle head on with my clients when we first start working together - the idea of what one can exclude for optimal results.  The idea that what you don’t eat may be more important than what you do eat.

Every day you get emails about what you should eat: anti inflammatory foods and spices, nutrient dense meals, healthy fats, fibre fish foods, fermented foods….the list is never ending and often quite overwhelming.  So for today I thought we could look at this through the lens of subtraction rather than the lens of addition.  In a sense - simplification. 

As I’ve often mentioned before, I am a big fan of testing for food sensitivities - these are not classic allergies (the kind that send you to the hospital and initiate the production of IgE antibodies) this is about the production of IgG antibodies which are much more insidious and can cause low level inflammation that can be tough to pinpoint but can lead to stubborn weight you can’t lose, digestive problems, skin problems, brain fog, poor sleep, lack of energy, even, for those of you trying to adhere to a Ketogenic Diet, difficulty getting into ketosis!

The test involves a bit of blood in a test tube sent off to a lab that comes back with a list of foods to avoid, foods to enjoy in moderation and foods you can indulge in.  Now - remember that this only looks through the lens of food sensitivities - just because you do not produce IgG antibodies to wheat does NOT mean you can eat pizza and those delicious squishy buns every night without consequences - there are many more factors to consider…but I digress - back to the point.   The beauty of this test is that it does give you a measure of clarity and it can save you a LOT of time and guesswork but it does cost some money - in my practice I charge $380 CAD plus tax which also pays for a 40 minute consult spent going over the results and helping people to understand how to move forward.

But what if you hate blood?  Or your budget doesn’t allow for this expense?  Is there another way?  Yes, of course, there’s always another way - it just takes a bit more work, time and patience and, it’s not always as precise but it will give you valuable insight.  It looks like this: 

  • You commit to 30 days
  • You eliminate dairy, gluten, wheat, grains, eggs, pork, beans, legumes, soy and, if you really want to go all out, nuts and seeds.
  • Don’t worry you won’t starve - you still have fish, poultry, meat (grass fed is optimal), vegetables, fruit, healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, coconut milk, avocados, olives.
  • You commit to tracking your energy, your sleep, your digestive symptoms, your weight AND your food. Use a notebook, use an app (I love com or - use anything you like but track it!
  • DO NOT worry too much about your macros or (within reason) even caloric intake at this point - if you stick to the food list you will most likely see a pretty dramatic shift regardless.
  • At the end of 30 days - you will likely be feeling fantastic and looking even better - you can now start to reintroduce foods one at a time for 4 consecutive days during which you will still track energy, weight, digestion etc….for most people they will get a very good idea of what works and does not work for them in this way.  Eggs are often the first to be reintroduced but be warned, they are one of the top allergenic foods that we see next to dairy and wheat.

What if you still don’t feel any better after the 30 days?  You may have another underlying issue, or, there may be a less obvious food your body doesn’t tolerate, you may have a damaged gut lining (which can result in pretty much every food causing a problem - in this case you need a health pro to guide you through a gut healing protocol), in short - something else is up and it’s time to get some help.  BUT for many people, this 30 day elimination diet of sorts can shed much light on what does and does not work for you.  I feel obligated to mention that in this 30 days you also want to absolutely cut out processed foods, soft drinks, any and all added sugars (yes even Agave), packaged prepared foods etc….if for no other reason than they contain a lot of the foods you are trying to avoid.   Sound like work?  Yup.  It is.  But having coached dozens of people through this process I can tell you that it is always worthwhile and always enlightening.

Do exogenous ketones fit in anywhere?  Yes but only some of them.  You will want to steer clear of KetoKreme (just for the duration of this experiment as the new formula contains traces of dairy and egg shell for the collagen) and the Orange Dream formula as it too contains traces of dairy.  Every other formula is perfect and will go a long way to helping you adapt to your new way of eating by providing energy as you wean yourself off sugar and can also help manage cravings and even inflammation.

Another thing I love and include in almost every protocol are Shiratake Noodles (like the Zeroodle Premium Shiratake Noodles with Oat Fibre you can order from ). Why?  Well first, there’s nothing like a plate of “pasta’ to make almost anyone happy - especially when said pasta doesn’t spike blood sugar, cause bloating or weigh you down.  But also because Konjac fibre can help to stabilize blood sugar and bind and pull toxins out of the colon!  Talk about fringe benefits!!

That’s it for today - leave your comments on the blog or send me your questions - have you ever run a food sensitivity panel?  Or, done an elimination diet of any kind on your own?  Was it helpful??

Thank you as always for reading, for your comments and emails. 

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