Keto O/S Conference Recap and Super Bowl Sunday Recipes.

Happy February to all!  Have you noticed that the days are already getting noticeably longer?  I was driving home last night at 5:30 and suddenly realized that it was still light out!  How awesome is that??  Granted it’s been more dreary than not for the past 10 days but not being plunged into darkness at 4:30 in the afternoon is nevertheless something to celebrate. 

I was fortunate this past weekend to attend the Pruvit Conference in Dallas Texas where I got to meet some of the leading doctors and researchers working on therapeutic ketone formulations and applications, we were gifted with several personal development sessions led by leaders in the field and had the privilege to hear some of the most unbelievable stories from people who have experienced life changing results using Keto//OS.  Many of these stories cannot be shared as they are so incredible that until they have been clinically studied and assessed in a formal environment it would be irresponsible to do so.  But universally, the themes included improved energy, better mental clarity and in many (jaw dropping) instances incredible fat loss stories.  If you’ve never visited the Pruvit Facebook page take a minute to do so now ( - there are videos and photos of some of the highlights including Bonnie’s story who lost over 100 lbs since last May - she shared her experience in such a poignant way there was not a dry eye in the house - and this from a product that is not actually a “weight loss” product.

Here are a few of the learning points from the conference - it will be repetition for some but news to others - we can never really repeat this enough:

  1. Keto//OS contains therapeutic ketone salts - this is an all natural  Nutritional Supplement that supplies your body with an alternative source of energy to glucose in the form of ketones.
  2. Ketone bodies are also signalling molecules in the body. That means they communicate with other cells and systems so their effects, many of which are still active areas of study, range widely but some of the best understood ones are managing inflammation, improving antioxidant production, blood sugar regulation, appetite control and fat burning which ultimately leads to improved body composition.
  3. Keto//OS is NOT a weight loss supplement and yet, it will help your body build and keep lean muscle more efficiently while burning fat at the same time - to anyone in the sustainable weight loss field this is central to success.
  4. Keto//OS does not give you a free pass to eat an unhealthy diet or to sit on the couch eating snacks all day long - this is especially true if your goal is weight loss. What Keto OS can do is help to curb your cravings and give you better control over what you do eat while improving your energy so that you can get moving.  If you have a lot of weight to lose “exercise” for you could simply be a few 10 minute walks a day - anything to get moving.  Walking too painful?  Try finding a community pool, walking in the shallow end will take the pressure off your joints but the resistance of the water will help to give you a workout to fire up your fat burning, muscle building engine..
  5. Ketones are great for your brain - researchers have known for decades that ketones are the perfect fuel for your brain - watch Dr Dominic d’Agostino’s TedTalk ( which is actually about starving cancer but also touches on how ketones help the brain.
  6. Better Sleep - Dr D’Agostino believes and has studies that show that ketones affect brain neurotransmitters supporting GABA, a brain chemical that supports relaxation and sleep. This would explain the many reports of “better sleep” we receive from regular users of Keto//OS.

So there you have it, a bit of a more technical look at some of the benefits you can expect from introducing ketones into your body.  As many of you know, you can do this through diet alone or by using one of the Ketone products on the market like Keto//OS or a combination of the two.  A final word about those other products, one new study that was shared at the conference was a clinical study conducted by a third party independent lab comparing KetoMax to some of those other products on the market.  The results showed that KetoMax hands down beat the competition - people experienced improved energy and focus and their blood ketones were in most cases double that of the other products.  These results will be published soon, once again follow the Pruvit Facebook page (or me) for regular updates.

Okay back to real life…it is Super Bowl Sunday this weekend and whether you watch football or not there is a reasonable chance you will end up at (or hosting) some type of Super Bowl Party.  To help you stick to your goals while enjoying the party I have included some ideas and links to recipes that you can use to entertain your guests.  If you are invited to a party, offer to bring something that you know you will enjoy that still fits the bill - my favourites in this category include Tapas Style Baked Chicken Wings or Guacamole with marinated Jicama sticks.

Super Bowl Menu

  1. Tapas Style Chicken Wings - here’s a link to a recipe on my blog

  2. Guacamole - make your own ( or buy pre made just watch that the ingredients do not include sugar
  3. No Bean Chili - just meat no beans to get in the way and make you all gassy. Plus this recipe from one of my favourite Paleo food bloggers includes…wait for it - chocolate - how can you possibly go wrong???
  4. Shiratake Noodles - want to blow your guests’ minds? Serve the chili over your choice of Zeroodles Shiratake Noodles…..
  5. Jicama Sticks - instead of the usual raw veggie platter if you can find jicama at the grocery store just peel, slice into french fry shape, and toss with lots of fresh lime juice, sea salt and a bit of cayenne. Refrigerate covered mixing occasionally to make sure all get a good soaking in the juice and spices. Use to dip in the guacamole or have on the side with your chili - they are crunchy and fresh and great for your belly.
  6. Green Plantain Chips: Another option to replace chips is to buy Green Plantains and slice them super thin using a mandolin or food processor - toss them with melted coconut oil, lots and lots of fresh lime juice and generously sprinkle with sea salt.  Place them in a thin layer on a cookie sheet (if they overlap a bit it’s ok but they will take a bit longer and will stick together) and bake at 300 till they are crispy and just starting to turn golden.  Let them cool and BAM!  Delicious chips, great for your gut as they provide resistant starch an important nutrient for your beneficial guy bugs.

If you want to try Keto O/S for yourself you can order it online at:, if you want a bit more insight into how it works in your body, watch the video at

As always, thank you for reading and thank you so much for your comments and emails!


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