Keto//OS Facts: How many times a day should you use Keto//OS?

LowCarb/Ketogenic Diet Focus:  Inflammation - Can Ketones Help?

Keto//OS Facts: How many times a day should you use Keto//OS?  Get Free Ketones Through Pruvit’s New Customer Referral Program.

Recipe: Roasted Butternut Squash

Today’s topic is inflammation and ketones.  You may be scratching your head wondering how these two things are related and why you should care.  Allow me to explain: based on much emerging and recent research it would seem that our ketone friends can be extremely helpful in reducing and managing inflammation in our bodies.  This is a hugely important and often overlooked benefit of having ketones in our systems which is quite unfortunate as systemic inflammation has now been linked to pretty much any major disease you can think of, from heart disease, to type 2 diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases to obesity….they all share inflammation as a common issue.

How is it that ketones help?  We often talk about ketones as a fuel source but what is often passed over is their effect on the expression of certain genes in our bodies - this is called their epigenetic effect.  It seems that ketones (Betahydroxybutyrate in particular) specifically suppress the NLRP3 inflamazone pathway - in plain English….the presence off ketones seems to block the production of inflammatory cytokines (molecules that drive inflammation) through a very specific pathway.  This inflamazone has been linked to a number of chronic age related and  autoimmune diseases.   Imagine that, you could be producing something in your body that can prevent certain diseases!

Managing and reducing inflammation is one of the many potential benefits of following a Ketogenic diet but remember that all Keto diets are not equal.  To optimize health benefits you want to make sure that your Ketogenic diet is not only high in healthy fats and low to moderate in healthy proteins but it must also provide your body with sufficient fibre from lots of leafy green vegetables and other coloured vegetables that also provide protective nutrients and polyphenols.  Indeed, a Keto Diet that depends heavily on pork rinds and cream cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped jalapeño peppers may get you into ketosis but it will not serve you well in the long run.

Also, keep in mind that to properly manage inflammation it is important to identify and treat the root cause - whether it is an untreated infection, eating unhealthy processed foods, eating foods you are sensitive to, excess stress, smoking, pollution, excess alcohol are a few of the many drivers of systemic inflammation and any or all of them could be at play.  Some of these we have less control over than others so it is important to manage the ones we can control to allow our bodies to have the resources to deal with the ones we cannot.  There are also anti inflammatory foods like cold water fatty fish for omega 3’s, curcumin, cinnamon, berries, tart cherries, dark green leafy vegetables that can help. - make sure that you include these in your daily diet.

The need to consume lots of vegetables while keeping ketones on board is also why I like to incorporate high quality MCT oil like Brain Octane as well as a Keto//OS shake every day.  The MCT gets converted to ketones and can dampen the effect of starchier foods on my insulin and blood sugar whereas Keto//OS does that too while also keeping my circulating ketones within the nutritional ketosis range and allowing me to consume a few extra grams of healthy carbs.   I also like to drink an extra Keto//OS shake on days when I consume a LOT of extra carbs (up to 100 grams) - WHAT!?  Yes, that’s right, I call them my CarbLove days…I get to have those because I follow a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet…the details of which I will share with you next week.

Keto//OS Fast Facts:  How many servings of Keto//OS Should I take a day?

I get this question a lot.  And the short answer is that it depends on why you are taking Keto//Os, your goals and how fast you want to get there.  Taking 1 to 2 servings of Keto//OS a day is pretty common with some people going as high as three.  I typically don’t recommend more than two a day unless you are fasting and need the fuel until you can get yourself into deep ketosis.  On my 24 hour fasts I will drink 2 servings of KetoMax so that I can get my work done and avoid being mean to people who cross my path.

People who have aggressive fitness and/or weightloss goals will also often use two a day - one mid morning or afternoon and another pre workout.

For many people one a day is just fine - they start their day with KetoKreme in their coffee or tea and then have their Keto//OS shake either mid morning, mid afternoon or pre workout and they feel awesome.  The trick is to experiment and see what works and feels best for you.

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Lower carb than sweet potato but rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, Fibre and satisfying in that “root Vegetable” way

Preheat oven to 320

Peel and chop a butternut squash into cubes 

Preheat a large cast iron skillet (you don’t want your pieces of squash to be crowded otherwise they will get mushy and they won’t caramelize/crisp up).

Melt 1 - 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or ghee or both in skillet on stove top

Add Squash pieces and toss with coarse sea salt and thyme

Cook on high on the stove for a couple of minutes till they start to brown slightly

Put in the oven and toss occasionally to avoid burning one side Cook for 25-30 minutes

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