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Our topic today is about Caffeine - does it really help with fat loss? If so, how might that happen and finally, should you try to use caffeine if one of your goals is improving your body composition?
First - is it true that caffeine can help with fat loss? It seems that yes, in several studies done on both mice and men (sorry, I couldn't resist lol, that should be rodents and humans), caffeine has been shown to help with fat loss. Before you go running for the caffeine pills and pot of coffee however, there are a few caveats here so read on.   This information is based on a review article published in January of this year, it was very long so here are bullet points of the findings:
  • Overall, caffeine does appear to positively impact fat loss in men and women.
  • The effects vary between the genders so this is an area that is deserving of more study. Who wins? Any guesses? Yup, men, men seem to see greater effects...but ladies, before you cry foul, that's likely due to our evolutionary role of making babies, our bodies are programmed to preserve energy at all costs....small consolation but there's always a reason :-).
  • The effects of caffeine also seem to be greater in lean individuals vs obese individuals - this may have to do with a slower metabolism of the caffeine and differences in the delivery speed to adipose (fat) tissue. Regardless, both groups benefit but possibly to varying degrees.
  • When combined with other elements like red pepper (capsaicin), green tea catechins (EGCG) and soluble fibre, caffeine seems to augment the effectiveness of all of perhaps a shake combining coffee, cayenne, some soluble fibre (like Konjac for example!) would be something to try...throw in some ketones and you may just have a winner!!
  • In one study, the combination of Exercise PLUS caffeine resulted in greater energy expenditure and fat oxidation thereby netting an overall greater energy deficit vs controls who exercised without caffeine.
Next Question: How does caffeine affect fat loss? Here are a couple of the mechanisms believed to be at play:
  • Caffeine seems to increase overall energy expenditure
  • Caffeine also decreases energy intake by reducing appetite (this seems to be more pronounced in men)
  • In some people caffeine seems to increase resting metabolic rate
  • Caffeine also seems to improve fat oxidation (although more so in lean people)
  • Hormone balance: One 4 week study of 84 participants who consumed 3 cups of coffee a day measured an increase in gut serotonin levels (which would decrease appetite) and a concurrent decrease in ghrelin levels (ghrelin stimulates appetite)..this study included both men and women...and all subjects lost body fat at the end of the 4 weeks.
So. What does this all mean? Assuming that you tolerate caffeine in the first place (there are many people who do not so if you are one of those you will need to look elsewhere for your solution) it may be worth your time to play around with using it for more than just waking up in the morning. I personally use caffeine strategically pre workout.....I drink my charged KetoMax on the way to the gym so that I get the combined benefits of ketones and caffeine for my workout. I am genetically challenged when it comes to caffeine (if I over consume it I get the shakes and set myself up for future blood pressure issues) so I cannot indulge in 3 cups of coffee a day so I make sure that I drink it when it counts.  
All that being said, I don't think anyone should drink caffeine later in the day to avoid messing up your sleep...because, as we all know by now, lack of sleep alone can block fat loss and even cause weight gain! Try drinking your coffee and then going for a walk or a workout, or, even better, have a charged Keto//OS shake and see how you feel. You can always enjoy a decaf coffee after your workout or later in the day.
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In honour of today's promo I am sharing my favourite way to enjoy my Swiss Cacao Max.
While you can certainly just have it with 16 oz of plain ice water here is how I like to "amp" mine up pre-workout:
1 Packet Swiss Cacao KetoMax Charged
2 Tablespoons Native Forest Full Fat Coconut Milk
1 Tablespoon Bulletproof Brain Octane
14 oz Cold or room temperature water (depends on the day)
Place all ingredients in a shaker bottle, shake hard and enjoy.
If I'm having this in the afternoon as a pick me up or, to add a bit more fat to my day, I simply use the non charged version of the Swiss Cacao...just as delicious!

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