LowCarb/Ketogenic Success Focus: Could a Low Carb Diet Instead of a Ketogenic Diet Work for You?

LowCarb/Ketogenic Success Focus:
Could a Low Carb Diet Instead of a Ketogenic Diet Work for You?

Keto//OS Fast Facts:
How to Gauge the Success of your 5 Day Experience

As the Ketogenic Diet becomes more and more mainstream it is generating a colossal amount of attention from all corners.  For the most part conventional health care providers tend to be leery of it, eyeing the high fat intake with suspicion if not outright hostility (note the huge kerfuffle in mainstream media around coconut oil last week).  The fact remains that anecdotally at least there are people for whom the Ketogenic Diet is an incredibly effective and life changing intervention.  The real question is - do you need to go that far and, if it works for you, are you stuck limiting your carbs to 50 grams (or less) a day forever.  Let’s look at this another way.

Less extreme and nevertheless also very valuable is the idea of a Low Carb Diet that is NOT ketogenic.  In this world, one would limit carb intake to 100-150 grams a day, eat a reasonable amount of protein and healthy fats.  This approach might be great in a few different scenarios:

  • you have some weight to lose and you have established that you are NOT insulin resistant
  • you don’t particularly need to lose weight but you know that eating a lower carb diet is healthier for you in the long run
  • you are currently on a very high carb diet and would like to move to a Ketogenic Diet - you may be better off transitioning more gradually to a low carb approach to avoid shocking your system.
  • The Ketogenic Diet really just does not work for you - for whatever reason you just can’t make it work….a well designed low carb diet might be a good option.
  • You’ve been following a Ketogenic Diet for a while, you’ve had great results but you are wondering if you might be able to tolerate a bit more carbs without gaining the weight back.

All of these scenarios are valid and for this reason this deserves a bit more explanation.  The reality is that your personal carb tolerance will be affected by any number of factors and will largely determine how your body reacts the influx of carbohydrates.  There is now a wealth of literature that supports the ketogenic diet as an intervention to help re establish insulin sensitivity, it can in many cases help to reverse type 2 diabetes, it can help to lower inflammation and in certain types of cancer it can help to make treatments more effective and possibly compromise cancer cell metabolism (as they rely on sugar as a fuel).  Having said all this, in the absence of certain disease states (epilepsy, certain cancers and neurodegenerative diseases) a low carb diet can, for some, be a less extreme and still effective intervention. 

Although it doesn’t seem to get discussed as much these days, I am referring to the Paleo Diet.  There are other versions of the low carb diet but this is the one that, to me, makes the most sense.  If you read last week’s post on “the best diet” it is essentially just that - whole unprocessed foods.  If you need to lose weight just eat fewer starchy vegetables and less fruit.  But, for most people, unless they are diving into a sweet potato casserole every night, just by switching to eating mostly vegetables, a serving of protein per meal and some healthy fat with each meal (1-2 thumb sized portions) you will by default end up consuming a lower carb diet with a whole lot less angst and focus on exactly what you eat and how much of it.

As a way to ease out of the Ketogenic Diet - gradually shifting to a more Paleo diet will allow you to observe the changes in your energy and metabolism and react to them appropriately without risking waking up one morning with 10 new pounds you thought you’d lost forever.  Gradually increase your carb intake up, keep track of them, make sure you are exercising, consume those carbs post workout or with your evening meal AND do not forget to lower your fat intake at the same time!  Disaster will strike if you keep your fat intake super high AND add carbs back!  Check regularly on how your clothes are fitting, your sleep, your energy, your digestion….if things start to go south, you may have gone too far.  Or, you may still have some insulin resistance at play…you may just not be ready.

As a transition to a ketogenic diet from a standard diet, I have also found the Paleo Diet is a fantastic plan.  For many people it is enough of a change to see some results and in some cases that’s as far as they need to go.  In other cases, it is just a really gentle slope from there to a Keto Plan. 

Finally, for people who don’t really have weight loss as a goal, the Paleo Diet can be a spectacular way to nourish your body for optimal health in the longterm as it naturally minimizes blood sugar spikes and optimizes nutrient density.  It is also low in many of the most common allergenic foods (dairy, soy, processed foods, wheat, grains etc…) and as such is naturally anti inflammatory.  Some people may need to go a bit deeper if they have particular food sensitivities but again, it is a great starting point.

And, of course, no post would be complete without mention of where exogenous ketones may fit into all of this…at least not on this blog lol. 

  • In a Ketogenic Diet, I have found that KetoMax and the other formulas provide people with a reasonable buffer so that they do not have to be quite as strict with their carbs and can still stay in ketosis. Just yesterday, a client emailed me after a trek into the Himalayas saying that he credits KetoMax with keeping him in ketosis in spite of a much higher carb diet served by his guides. 
  • In a low carb diet you will not have access to ketones as a fuel source as your body will not need to burn fat for fuel in the presence off carbs. Having said that, we know that ketones not only are an energy source but they can also be great to improve insulin sensitivity, they help to reduce inflammation, improve the production of our own antioxidants and they help the body to recover from workouts.  They can also be helpful in managing carb cravings and excess appetite….so for all of these reasons, having some Keto//OS every day can do a body a whole lot of good!

Keto//OS Fast Facts

The 5 Day Experiences have been flying out the door so I wanted to briefly mention how best to gauge the success of your 5 - 7 Day trial.  What you are really assessing in this short time are the following factors:

  • Taste - especially if you have ordered a variety pack - which formula do you prefer in taste. From Orange Creamsicles to Maui Punch, Tootsie Roll to Swiss Cacao, the formulators at Pruvit have done an amazing job of creating something for everyone.
  • Energy - this is the first thing that most people experience a change in. Having said that, this is very individual.  I have had some clients who, having a lot of underlying issues did not feel much at all for the first 2-4 weeks but they stuck with it, knowing that good things were happening in the background.  Eventually, they too reported great results, sometimes after a week, sometimes after a month….every body is different.

Beyond these two it takes a month or so to really experience results from this product as it would from anything worthwhile…..so.  Pick your flavour and place your order and wait for the magic to land on your doorstep. 

Watch for sales and promos in the coming days….follow my Facebook Page KetoNat where I will always post these as they get released, with Canada Day and the 4th of July coming up in the coming days there will almost certainly be opportunities to stock up on product at incredible prices!

Thank you as always for reading, for your comments and emails.   Follow me on Social Media links (below my signature) for healthy meal ideas, health & Lifestyle tips and to be the first to hear about Pruvit sales and promotions.  You can also join me LIVE on Saturday mornings at 9:30 am EST on my Facebook page KetoNat where I talk about a variety of health and nutrition topics and can answer your questions on the spot.

Useful links:

  • To reach me directly, email: canfuel@lowcarbcanada.ca
  • To order Keto//OS: shopketo.com/ca
  • To order a “5 day Experience” (5 single sachets) to try the product please email me and we can get you set up.
  • When you receive your order to get you started on your Keto journey watch the videos at: drinkyoursample.com/ca  The first explains how to use Keto//OS and the second explains how ketones work in your body - both are short and informative.
  • Ask about Pruvit’s new customer referral program - if you are on Smartship, just sign up two friends as Smartship customers and get your product for free!

Note: Say yes to Today and Smartship when you are placing your order to save money and make sure you never run out of ketones!  Smartship can be cancelled at any time with the push of a button with no penalty by simply logging into your back office and looking for the Box “My Smartship” on the home page.


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