LowCarb/Ketogenic Success Focus: Ketogenic Diet Stopped Working? What To Do

Recipe: Roasted Spaghetti Squash

I hear this from people a lot, they start with a ketogenic diet, things are great and then all of a sudden, they are not. The progress stops and they hit the “plateau” horrors. How is this possi- ble?  And what should you do about it?  Let’s consider a few of the factors that could be at play:

  1. You are not eating enough. For many people, one of the many benefits of being in ketosis (or using exogenous ketones like Keto//OS) is that they experience a significant reduction in their appetite. This is great except when it results in people under eating significantly for ex- tended periods of time. If you are trying to lose fat aim for a caloric deficit of about 500 calo- ries a This should result in about 1 lb a week weight loss - this is plenty. Slow and steady wins the race. I also like to encourage people to eat MORE one day a week….no not french fries and cinnamon buns, just more of the good stuff….keep your body guessing.
  2. You are eating too much there are people who get so excited about high fat foods that they go a bit overboard. Very often these people may also have a genetic makeup that prevents them from feeling full even when they have eaten enough. If you are one of these people you probably know it so it is even more important for you to keep track of your intake. Use Ex- ogenous Ketones like Keto//OS to help dampen your hunger, stay hydrated and eat a LOT of fibrous vegetables to help yourself feel
  3. You are not doing what you think you're doing. Keeping your carbs super low and your protein moderate (to low) is easy once you get used to it but in the initial stages it’s harder than it sounds. The only way around this is to log your food. You can’t change it if you can’t see it, trust me, I’ve been there done that with a LOT of people. Cronometer is calibrated for Ketogenic Diets so it’s the one I recommend the most
  4. You aren't sleeping Yup, you read right, lack of sleep can absolutely block weight loss. To start with, lack of sleep will drive hunger and cravings and an increase in your stress hormone Cortisol. What does that do? It causes the release of sugar in your blood stream… buh bye ketosis. And.  Hello cravings to keep the lights on.  Plus you don’t get to recover from the day, inflammation goes up….sleep hacking is a real and very worthwhile endeavour.
  5. You are relying on “low carb” packaged and processed foods at the expense of real food… like vegetables, healthy proteins and healthy fats. Sure, the waffles and syrup say that they are low carb and suitable for a ketogenic plan but let’s face it, if everything in your food diary gets scanned in via barcode you are not eating real food so there’s a real chance that you are inadvertently over consuming chemicals and under consuming nutrient dense nourishing foods. There’s a cost to that. Make those foods the exception, the bulk of your diet should be roasted, steamed, chopped, grilled…you know, cooked and prepped. Yes, it takes time, but less than you think plus, it can be
  6. You aren’t moving. Look, I get it.  Exercise is not everyone’s cup of tea but you have GOT to move. If you are sedentary or carrying around too much extra weight to hit a gym, take a brisk walk in the morning before breakfast - have a charged Keto//OS for energy and to kick into fat burning mode. During your work day - Get out of your chair once every Walk up and down the stairs at home or at work a few times at lunch- or go for another short walk. Take a walk after dinner.  They can all be 15-20 minutes long but it all adds up and it will all

help. Or. If you’re that person that spends hours on the treadmill or stair climber….mix it up. Change equipment. Work out harder for less time. Do 1 minute sprints followed by 1-2 min- utes of active (walking) recovery. Lift heavy things once a week. Your body won’t build mus- cle if it doesn’t think that it needs it so you have GOT to challenge yourself. You will also feel better…really.

  1. You are using artificial sweeteners - other than Stevia, Monk Fruit and a bit of Erythritol I generally advise people to stay away from artificial sweeteners as they can drive cravings in some people and some of them can even cause an increase in insulin or cause weight gain through other less understood pathways. Here are a few of the products I would recommend you stay away from: Acefulsame Potassium (Ace K, Sunette) , Sucralose (Splenda), Saccha- rine (Sugar Twin, Sweet & Low), Cyclamate (Sugar Twin, Succaryl).
  2. Coffee Creamers - just don’t, they are a source of chemicals and hidden sugars . Need something sweet and creamy in your coffee? Get KetoKreme from Pruvit - it will help your body to produce ketones and add healthy fats with cinnamon to your cup….and it tastes amazing. Or, use real cream if you tolerate dairy or full fat coconut milk….all better

As you can imagine, I could go on but these are some of the most common causes of stalling. There is always the chance of course that you have an underlying medical condition or other health imbalance that could be getting in the way. So if it feels like you’ve tried everything then it might be time to visit your doctor or other health pro for deeper investigation.

Keto//OS Fast Facts:  What Should I Expect From My 5 Day Experience?

5 Day Experiences are a great way to trial Keto//OS products but possibly not for the reasons that you think. The best way to look at a 5 day Experience is that it’s an opportunity to taste the products you are interested in - after all, no matter how good a product is for you, you are un- likely to use it consistently if you don’t tolerate the taste. The good news is that the Keto//OS family offers a range of tastes and flavours to suit almost any palate. As long as you mix them with 12-16 oz of water (or, in the case of the Chocolate Swirl or the Swiss Cacao, 12 oz water plus 4 oz unsweetened almond milk or a bit of Coconut Cream or Cream) each one delivers a distinct experience - Orange Creamsicle, Tootsie Roll, Maui (Berry) Punch and Swiss Choco- late.

As far as the health benefits you can expect (and how fast you can expect them) it depends a lot on your personal biochemistry. Many people will experience an almost immediate lift in men- tal clarity and energy along with a reduction in appetite and cravings but for others this can take a bit of time. As far as benefits in inflammation and body composition go you really do need to give it at least a month along with improving your diet and managing your sleep, hydration and getting some reasonable exercise. I have had clients see results in as little as two weeks but for many people it may take a bit of time for the body to understand this ketone thing, and get the most out of it

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I love this vegetable - 1 cup delivers just 42 calories, 1 gram of protein, 7.8 grams of carb and 2.2 grams of fibre. You can toss it with olive oil, sea salt and garlic or pesto or top it with meat sauce….it’s light and delicious and won’t throw you off track. Plus it’s super easy to prepare!


Carefully cut the squash in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds.

Place face down on parchment paper on a cookie sheet and sprinkle about 1/4 cup water around it.

Roast at 350 for about 25-35 minutes till the skin gives a bit and you can pull the strands out of the centre with a fork.

Serve with any sauce you enjoy

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