MY Keto Morning Routine and A Special Offer to KetoKorner Readers!!

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By the time you read this the United States will finally have a new president - what on earth will we talk and fret about for the next weeks and months to come?  I know!  Let’s put all that energy into ourselves - into controlling what we can control and becoming the best version of us that we can! 

Let’s start with how we kick off our day - for me, the very first thing that I drink every single morning is a glass of filtered water with a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in (Low Carb Canada carries the Bragg’s brand which is one of my favourites).  There are entire books written about the benefits of raw and unpasteurized vinegar including its beneficial effects on stabilizing blood sugar, improving insulin sensitivity and, in some studies improving triglyceride levels. For me I find it is the secret to a happy gut.

About 20 minutes later if I’m going to the gym, I mix a pouch of either the Chocolate or Orange Dream Keto O/S into a large shaker bottle of ice water and chug it on my way to the gym getting me ready to face whatever WOD (workout of the day) has been chosen by the trainer - I have to tell you, most days I need all the help I can get!  I love having ketones on board for these workouts as they keep my brain happy and keep my energy up - in addition, they help my body to burn my fat stores for fuel and post workout help my body to recover…win win win!!

Post workout?  Out comes my KetoKreme!  Delicious powdered MCT’s (that my body will convert to ketones), coconut powder, ceylon (cinnamon to stabilize blood sugar) and stevia for sweetness - I mix 1/2 a sachet in my post workout Americano and sip it all the way home.  If I’m feeling a bit hungry - a hardboiled egg does the trick and keeps me happy till lunch (with a bunch of water of course!).

If I’m not working out (which happened a lot last month due to a back injury) I reverse the order - start with my KetoKreme in my coffee and follow it up about an hour later with my Keto O/S Shake.  With or without my egg, depending on how hungry I am, and I’m good to power through my morning till lunch.

This week, Low Carb Canada is offering a deal to KetoKorner readers who place an order for 30 days or more of Keto O/S.  For every 30 days of product that you order, Low Carb Canada will include 2 extra sachets of Keto O/S (we have limited supplies so we will do this until supplies run out). 

All you have to do when you place your order at is shoot me a note at:  with your name, what you ordered and the day you placed your order.  If you have a preference between the different Keto O/S products, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request as long as we have stock.


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