The Holiday Cocktail Party Survival Guide

Welcome back to KetoKorner! Unbelievably it’s still beautiful outside - it looks like we are going to escape the ugly November weather that many of us dread and possibly just jump straight into the holidays…one can only hope. Weather aside, one thing that November brings rain or shine, hot or cold is the beginning of holiday cocktail season and with it, the derailment of many peoples’ best intentions around their health and nutrition.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

1. If you are a Keto O/S customer you have got this one beat - have a Keto shake about half an hour before the party - stable blood sugar means less cravings, feeling full means better control plus, ketones help your body process glucose more efficiently so you win on all counts. Not a customer yet? Check out the bottom of this post for this month’s special offer.

2. Set your intention before you walk in the door. Review your goals, remind yourself that saying no to foods you gave up long ago was driven by some pretty good reasons including better health…give yourself the gift of better health this season!

3. Never, ever show up at a cocktail party famished. -I don’t care how much willpower you think you have, showing up hungry almost guarantees that you will find those adorable wieners in a blanket absolutely irresistible.

4. If you decide that you will have a glass or two of wine then make sure that you also drink at least 1 or 2 glasses of water in between each alcoholic drink - but remember that the more you drink the lower your inhibitions…the easier it will be for you to rationalize poor choices.

5. Volunteer to be the designated driver - for most people this is enough to make sure they moderate their drinking, which will make it easier for you to stick to your guns as per point 3. 

6. Be a rebel! Don’t be afraid to eat the slider without the bun, have a piece of cheese without the cracker (it will taste better), demolish the veggie platter, eat the sushi sashimi style (ditch the rice - did you know that many sushi restaurants add wheat to their rice!?)

7. If it’s appropriate, offer to bring an appetizer that you know you can enjoy - just bring lots because these days you are not alone, there are more and more people cluing in to the benefits of low carb eating so know that whatever you bring will go fast.

8. Buddy Up. Just as people not on your plan may try to second guess your choices to derail your best efforts, hanging out with someone who shares your goals will help you to be firm and happy in your resolve - together, you are stronger, and healthier!

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As always, thank you so much for reading and keep sending your comments and questions!


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