Welcome to Week 3 of Keto Korner!

If you have young people in the house it has no doubt been a busy week with back to school excitement and a return to routines - both welcome and a bit sad as we bid farewell to a beautiful summer.

This week - we will cover the Modified Ketogenic Diet and the Number 1 Hack for getting into ketosis.

In the Modified Ketogenic Diet we are essentially moving away from the Classic Ketogenic diet where you are eating a ratio of 4 parts fat to 1 part carbs and protein combined, towards a diet that looks more like 3 or 2 parts fat to 1 part carbs and protein combined. In this plan vs the classic ketogenic diet you get to eat a lot more vegetables (especially leafy greens) and it can be easier on people who have trouble digesting a lot of fat. The plan here is to stay in ketosis for longer periods of time. The advantages of this diet is the extra vegetables which I happen to think are critical for optimal health. You need to commit to a clean eating plan but you will be much healthier for it.

For some people this diet is transformational - for others it’s too much work, or, it just doesn’t appeal - enter our first hack.

Hack #1 KETO O/S
Ok. So let’s say that you are not that keen on going that extreme in your diet. But. You have read about ketones, you know what they can do for you and you’d really like to at least have access to them to experience some of the benefits (increased energy, mental clarity, fat burning, reduced cravings etc..) is there a way to do that? It just so happens that there is and as of today, you can have it delivered right to your door.

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to do this is a new product called KETO O/S. This is an incredible product - a powder that you mix with cold water and drink….15-30 minutes later you are in nutritional ketosis with many of the benefits that come with it. How? The active ingredient in Keto O/S is Betahydroxybutyrate (BHB) which is a ketone body - the kind that your body would make if you were following a ketogenic diet and lifestyle. It’s been years in the making as BHB’s taste absolutely awful on their own - it was worth the wait, this stuff tastes amazing.

Over time, Keto O/S will help your body to burn it’s own fat stores for fuel helping you to lose inches while you preserve or build lean muscle mass. Most people experience improved mental clarity, reduced cravings, better energy and in many cases better sleep. It comes in two flavours (for now - soon a third) - Orange Dream (think Creamsicle) and Chocolate Swirl (Tootsie Roll) - the formulas are a bit different but both work beautifully. The orange formula includes MCT’s in it so it can be a bit more satiating for people who need the extra fat whereas the Chocolate Formula includes branched chain amino acids to support muscle synthesis plus some prebiotic fibres to support good gut health. But here is the real reason why this product is such a game changer - it is less about what it brings to your body than what it helps your body do…it helps your body do what it does better - manage inflammation, increase blood flow to your brain, improve your body’s ability to make it’s own antioxidants (to manage the damage from day to day toxins and excess stress)….how great is that!?

You can purchase the products as a customer OR, if you are so inclined you can build yourself a mini health business empire as this is a network marketing company and a new one at that - so an interesting opportunity for those looking for extra income.

You can learn more at: canfuel.pruvitnow.com/ca

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