All About Sugar

A word on Sugar;

  Just some quick f.y.i. / info., be cautious and aware of sugar's ( White sugar + brown sugar do not differ in health value, only in taste / stemming from the same source - sugar cane or sugar beet.  Brown sugar is simply stopped shorter during the refining process of it thus some Molasses is left in for for it's colour and different taste.  White is 99%+ refined ) in other names, but, still have the same / similar result ( the HIGH - a simple carb turning quickly in glucose in the blood flow thus the levels jump thus the high.  Then the LOW - when the glucose move's out of the blood and into your cells, the quick change leaves you feeling drained, and mentally 'asking' for that next fix / sweet to get that sugar high again.  Thus, one's affixiation for sugar and thus high potential leading to the issue's associated );

*Brown rice syrup
*High fructose corn syrup
​*Evaporated cane juice
*Lump sugar
*Malt syrup / Maltose
*Maple syrup
*Sugar beets

   Sugar is an item which can be found in foods even where one would least think it would be, not only the obvious sources.  Sugar has the grand ability to lead one in directions of a multitude of unwanted illness and/or piling on the weight.  So remember to always keep a good eye on what you are adding to your grocery list.

  Have a Great Day all,