ThinSlim 30 Day Challenge Rules & Information

Welcome to the ThinSlim Rx 30 Day Body Transformation Challenge!

Round 3 of this challenge will start with a Weigh in on March 23rd and 24th followed by 2 days of healthy binge eating on March 26th&27th, also known as "Loading" or

"Metabolic Jumpstart". While this might seem very odd, it revs up your metabolism in preparation for the amazing losses that are about to follow. After this 2 day loading phase, you will have 28 days of strict dieting using our ThinSlim plan from March 28th to April 24th.

The diet may seem a bit strict but it is so easy to follow!

You will be required to attend the Low Carb Canada store (Vaughan or Birchmount locations) on March 23rd and 24th to have your starting weight and measurements taken.

At your final weigh in, the contest will close and we can discuss starting a second bottle of ThinSlim Rx (no loading required) or moving on to maintenance using the Reset drops.

To be eligible you must:
- Provide before and after pictures to be used by Low Carb Canada and ThinSlim
- Log the foods you are eating every day using the planner
- Log your weight every morning using the planner
- Provide a testimonial of your journey
*Printable planners will be in the "files" section of our Facebook page.*

The winners will be determined and announced and prizing is as follows:

$3 per 1 lb lost

To sign up, click here and good luck!