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ThinSlim RESET, much like our B12, is a complementary product to our ThinSlim Drops. RESET can be used in Phase 2 of the ThinSlim protocol to help reduce the frequency and impact of hunger pains that you might encounter. When phase 1 and phase 2 have been completed you will begin phase 3, during which you will transition back to a normal (1500-2000 on average) daily caloric intake. The process of transitioning back to a normal caloric intake may prove to be difficult after being on the ThinSlim protocol and the RESET will help to ease this transition. RESET helps to continue adjusting your mind to your new body; essentially this means that the RESET will continue to tell your brain that it does not need as much food as it thinks it does.

Take 10 drops 30 minutes before each meal, three times a day. A 2 oz bottle should last 21 - 25 days if taken three times a day.

Ingredients & Benefits
B-Complex Vitamins, Taurine, ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), Gauranna, MacaRoot, Ashwagandha Root, Astragalus Root, Full Spectrum Minerals and Electrolytes, Gymnema, Stevia, Hoodia
The vibrations of the above materials incite the body's electrical field to feel sated when mildly hungry in additional to properly stimulating the adrenalglands to stimulate an effective flow of adrenals through the HPA axis and the body. This is done to provide an above normal level of energy and assist with preventing appetite cravings to ensure that you're not only limiting your caloric intake, but not suffering in your daily activities as a result.

RESET helps to ease you back into a normal diet after being exposed to theThinSlim diet protocol. Despite losing the weight there are still triggers inthe brain that will continue to tell you to eat in a fashion similar or evenidentical to that which was resident prior to starting the ThinSlim protocol. RESETwill help to ease you back into your normal diet and will continue to teachyour brain about your new body eating habits after progressing through theThinSlim protocol.

Phase 3
Phase 3, despite being the last phase of the diet and the one that allows you to return to standard eating habits, is absolutely crucial to maintain your weight loss success. If you reach your weight loss goal before your 21st day on ThinSlim, do not stop taking the drops. Instead, steadily increase your caloric intake (approximately 1500-2000) calories through to day 21. It is imperative that you only eat foods that are from the approved list so that you do not start to gain the weight back.
If you do not reach your weight loss goal before day 21 continue to take ThinSlim drops and stay on the low calorie diet until you reach your goal weight. For the first three days off of the ThinSlim Phase 2 protocol you must continue the 800-1000 calorie per day diet without taking the drops. This is important to make sure that you set the stage for Phase 3.
During Phase 3 you should be consuming between 1500 ď 2000 calories per day to help maintain your new weight. Your goal is to stay within 2 pounds of that weight so it is imperative that you weigh yourself on a daily basis to monitor your weight.
Phase 3 is the most crucial component of your weight loss program. To aid in this process it is important to eat as much protein as you can while still remaining cautious to eat foods that have a very low fat count. By eating fatty foods it will reverse all of the work that you have put in thus far!
By eating the same types of food that you did in Phase 2 and gradually introducing additional vegetables and proteins into your diet without sugars and starches you will increase your success in Phase 3. You can begin to add dairy products back into your diet in moderation after you have been following the Phase 3 diet for a short period of time. If you do start to notice a weight gain after the introduction of dairy products, immediately stop eating dairy products. Your goal for this phase is to try and double the amount of protein that you consume during this period. If you gain more than two pounds, we recommend that you do a Steak Day (see below) or go back to Phase 2 of the diet until you reach your desired weight.
It is crucial that you maintain this diet for 21 days in order for your body to get used to its new weight.

Steak Day:
A Steak Day refers to a routine you follow after you have completed the ThinSlim protocol and are weighing yourself daily. During this time, if your morning weight is two pounds over your end weight when finished the ThinSlim drops you will have a Steak Day. This means that you will entirely skip all food until 6:00 pm. During this time you should drink as much water and tea as you can. In the evening you will eat the biggest steak you can. The steak can be grilled or cooked in a skillet and seasoned with pepper and herbs but no salt. With the steak you may have either a large raw tomato or large apple.

Ingredients and Benefits

B-Complex Vitamins, Taurine, ATP (adenosine triphosphate), Gauranna, Maca Root, Ashwagandha root, Astragalus root, full Spectrum Minerals and Electrolytes, Gymnema, Stevia, Hoodia

Direction: Take 1 ml (approx. 15 - 20 drops twice a day) and 30 minutes before meal. 

Recommendation: Our Glycerine Base Liquid ThinSlim Drops are 500% more effective than capsule. The Drops are taken sublingually under the tongue and held for 30 seconds before swallowing. This will cause the drops to go directly to your bloodstream and bypassing the digestive tract.

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