GG Scandinavian - Fiber Sprinkle - 250 g

GG Scandinavian

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GG Scandinavian Fiber Crispbread Bran Sprinkles is a crushed version of our GG Bran Crispbread Crackers packaged for convenience in a resealable pouch. They are a terrific way to supplement your diet with insoluble fiber while keeping a low-calorie diet. A serving of 3 tablespoons contains 6g dietary fiber.
  • 3 grams of Fiber per 7 gram serving 
  • Only 20 Calories per serving
  •  2g of net carbs

Size:  8.8 oz ( 250g)

RECOMMENDED:  Throw into a bowl of soup, a cup of yogurt, or add to a salad for some crunch! You can even use it as a substitute for breadcrumbs!

INGREDIENTS: Wheat Bran, Whole Grain Rye Flour, Salt

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  GG’s Bran Crispbread® is packed with insoluble fiber which is essential to maintaining digestive health and a nutritious lifestyle.

Vendor: GG Scandinavian

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