Doctor's CarbRite Diet - Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix - 11.5 oz box

Doctors CarbRite Diet

Doctor's CarbRite Diet Brownie Mix is a delicious sugar-free brownie mix that's available for those individuals looking to add more protein to their diets. These low carb brownies are easy to make, and best of all, these sugar free brownies have 0 sugar, 3 grams of fiber, and 3 grams of protein per serving. Each box makes 12 brownies, so your whole family can enjoy them and maintain a healthy lifestyle, while simultaneously enjoying a sinfully palate pleasing treat. Sweetened with malitol.

Size: 11.5 oz. Box

Ingredients: Chocolate chips (maltitol, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, lecithin, vanilla) maltitol, sorbitol, inulin (from chicory root), cocoa, whole wheat flour, whey protein, vital wheat gluten, vanilla powder, salt.

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 1 Blondie (27 g): Calories 88, Fat 3 g, Saturated Fat 2 g, Trans Fat 0 g, Cholesterol 2 mg, Sodium 36 mg, Potassium 136 mg, Carbohydrate 19 g, Fiber 3 g, Sugar 0 g, Sugar Alcohol (Polyols) 15 g, Protein 3 g

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