Farm Girl - Hot Cereal - Strawberries and Cream Porridge - 320 g

Farm Girl

Porridge: Strawberries and Cream

Size: 320 g bag

  • SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Gmo-Free, Soy Free, Low Sodium. A plain energy snack built to cut your hunger, not cause bloating, smooth your digestion, and make you feel great.

  • NUTRIENT DENSE: A tasty treat for anyone on a keto, paleo, diabetic, low glycemic, or low carb diet while still being super healthy. Excellent source of omega 3s, vitamins, minerals, and natural MCT oils.

  • CONVENIENT: Densely packed travel-ready. Great as an airplane or office snack, camping or backpacking trail mix, or as a gym bag snack.

  • KETO-FRIENDLY ONLY 3G NET CARB: Sweet, savory, and crunchy gourme

Vendor: Farm Girl

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