Great Low Carb Bread Company - Pasta - Penne - 8 oz bag

Great Low Carb Bread Company

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Great Low Carb Bread Company Penne is great tasting and only 7 net carbs per 2 oz and perfect for those following a low carb lifestyle.
  • Only 7 NetCarb
  • High Protein
  • High Fiber
  • Diabetic Friendly

Size: 8 oz bag

Ingredients: Pea protein isolate, oat fiber, wheat fiber, egg whites, wheat gluten, semolina.

Nutrition Facts: per 2 oz (56 g): Calories 100, Fat 1 g, Saturated Fat 0 g, Trans Fat 0 g, Cholesterol 0 mg, Sodium 190 mg, Carbohydrate 25 g, Fiber 18 g, Sugar 0 g, Protein 12 g

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