Living Clay - Detox Clay Powder - 8oz

Living Clay


  • Detoxify – Whether used internally or externally, its strong negatively charged ions pull, hold, and capture positively charged toxins.
  • Cleanse – Internally it cleanses the colon of old fecal matter and mucoid plaque.
  • Balance – Clay is homeostatic, constantly striving to bring the body into balance.
  • Alkalize – It has an alkaline 9.7 pH.
  • Stimulate – It draws blood flow, oxygen and circulation for cellular repair.*
  • Energize – It has an electromagnetic energy that resonates with the life force energy of the body.

Size: 8oz Cup

Living Clay Co. Detox Clay Powder provides all natural calcium bentonite clay. Detox Clay Powder is the premier clay for detoxing and deep cleansing. Used by the world's finest spas for clay detoxing baths, facials and full body wraps.


  • For internal use: Mix 1 rounded teaspoon of clay powder in 2 oz. of water.
  • For topical use: Mix 1 part clay powder to 3 parts water. Let stand until smooth.
  • For baths: Mix 1 to 2 cups of clay powder into bath water.

Ingredients: All Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay

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