*NuNaturals - Sweet Health Erythritol - 16 oz



Sweet Health, Erythritol Crystals is a naturally-occurring sweetener found in many fruits and vegetables.

We are using natural flavors that are plant based extracts. These extracts help to increase the sense of sweetness and rounds out the flavor of our NuStevia as well as Pure Liquid Clear Stevia, Vanilla Stevia and Alcohol Free products. From endless consumer feedback, we know that people regard our NuStevia products as the best tasting and sweetest products on the market. Even though we are selling Stevia as a dietary supplement, we know taste is very important to people.

The natural flavors used in our Stevia products are natural plant extracts. These natural flavors do not contain any MSG (monosodium glutamate) or any other “natural flavors” that are known to cause allergic reactions in the body. None of the natural flavors we use are man-made chemicals. We do scrutinize the ingredients that we use very carefully and would not use an ingredient known to cause reactions.

We do not wish to disclose the source of the natural flavor because it is a trade secret. We have spent a lot of time researching and developing the best tasting Stevia products on the market and do not wish to share this information with other companies selling Stevia.

We have been adding these natural flavors to our Stevia products for over 6 years and have not received any communication from the people using our Stevia products about negative reactions. There have been over a billion servings sold without one negative reaction reported to NuNaturals. With that track record, we are extremely confident that our Stevia products are very non-allergenic.

What is Erythritol?

  • Erythritol is a white crystalline powder derived from corn starch
  • Erythritol has no calories per serving
  • Erythritol is safe for people with diabetes
  • It does not affect blood glucose or insulin levels
  • Erythritol will not cause undesired gastrointestinal or laxative effects
  • Erythritol does not promote tooth decay; mouth bacteria cannot metabolize it
  • Erythritol has a clean, sweet. The sweetness level is 75% that of sugar
  • Erythritol is naturally present in fruits and vegetables.

Size: 16 oz

Nutrition FactsCarbohydrate 0 g

Ingredients: Erythritol and natural flavors

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