*Stevita - Stevia Supreme Sweetener - 50 Packet


Simply Stevia is the purest Stevia extract in the market (at least 95% stevia sweet crystals). No filler, preservatives or any other ingredients added. Made from non-genetically modified plants. Pure stevia with all sweet crystals that nature creates in the stevia leaves - with a very intensive delicious sweet taste. Dissolves quickly in liquids. It may require more stirring because of its intensity.

Size: 50 Packets

Ingredients: NO sugar, aspartame, wheat, lactose, yeast, MSG, added colors, calories, carbs, allergens, trans fat, sucralose.

Other Ingredients: Xylitol (extracted mainly from the bark of the birch tree) used as a flowing agent.

Nutrition Facts: 0 Carb

Vendor: Stevita

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