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  • Muscle Building Weight Loss Formula
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Energy Boost
  • No Additives, Filler, or Artificial Ingredients
  • No Starch, Salt, Preservatives, Wheat, Yeast, Alcohol or Milk derivatives.
  • cGMP compliant 
  • 'Clean Room' Operations 
  • Earth-Friendly 'Green' Manufacturer 

      Go to ThinSlimRx Meal Plan for the complete protocol and meal plan.

      Please Note: If you are using our new ThinSlimRX Performance for Athletes:
      You can substitute Snack#2 in place of Snack#1

      Ingredients: Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Fenugreek 50% Fenuside, Mucuna Pruriens 20%, L-DOPA Mucuna Pruriens, Tribulus Terrestris 40% Protodioscin Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed 10% Licarins, N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid, Long Jack 10:1, L-Ornithine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Serine, L-Valine, L-Tyrosine, Beta-Alanine, Gynnema Leaf, Fennel Seed, Gravel Root, Uva-Ursi Leaf, Senna Leaf.

      ThinSlimRx is committed to providing superior, natural weight management products, support, and coaching to its participants. Our products are manufactured from a United States Kosher-certified company where the laboratory is a federally registered pharmaceutical laboratory, in full compliance with FDA regulations governing pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. All procedures strictly follow the guidelines set forth in the Vibration Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

      ThinSlimRx contains pure, 100% Kosher USP food grade vegetable glycerin - a non-toxic, natural food substance. Used as a preservative in the food industry, as well as a sweetener, it is very sweet yet contains no sugar. This makes it an ideal sweetener for patients who cannot eat sugar, such as the increasing number of Candida sufferers (vegetable glycerin is said to be the "only acceptable sweetener" for Candida patients).

      How ThinSlimRx Works:
      ThinSlimRx works by stimulating the hypothalamus to mobilize the fat out of a person’s abnormal fat deposits as the body's primary source of energy. The Low Calorie Diet triggers your hypothalamus to change your body's metabolism to continually release the stored nutrients in the abnormal fat deposits. Because your body is using the abnormal fat stores to supplement the missing calories, your body actually feels as though it is operating on thousands of calories per day even though most of these calories are coming from fat. This forces your body to use up the abnormal fat, NOT the normal fat for fuel and energy.

      What are Normal and Abnormal Fat in our Body?

      Structural “Normal” Fat: This is necessary fat which fills the gaps between various organs, a sort of packing material. Structural fat also performs such important functions as bedding the kidneys in soft elastic tissue, protecting the coronary arteries and keeping the skin smooth and taut. It also provides the springy cushion of hard fat under the bones of the feet, without which we would be unable to walk.

      Subcutaneous "Normal" Fat: This is the fat directly under the skin, and the type we see and notice most. It's what makes us look "flabby". It is the fat the body utilizes most easily when nutritional intake is less than what the body demands and is the fat that is easiest to burn through regular exercise. Both these types of fat, structural and subcutaneous, are normal, and even if the body stocks them to capacity this can never be call obesity

      Visceral "Abnormal" Fat: The most dangerous type of fat, its excessive accumulations can run throughout the body, surrounding organs, causing obesity and increasing the risk of a number of diseases (i.e. cardiovascular disease, liver disease, diabetes). While exercising or restricting food intake allows the body to utilize normal fat reserves, the body can't access the abnormal fat accumulations as easily. That is why abnormal fat is so hard to get rid of, even with exercise.

      ThinSlimRx allows your body to burn the abnormal fat for energy instead of the food you would normally consume. ThinSlimRx triggers the abnormal fat from areas that are typically hard to reduce, and does not negatively affect the normal (healthy) fat or muscle tissue. Normally, when a person lowers their calories and fat, the body begins to store fat and the metabolism slows down which occurs because fat is a life saving source of stored energy. When a combination of a low calorie diet and ThinSlimRx are used, it signals to the body to access and start using and burning the stored fat for energy. This eliminates excess abnormal fat reserves, so there are no bad effects on your metabolism. When fat deposits are released, the body uses it as fuel - which can also aid in appetite suppression.

      ThinSlimRx is“muscle preserving” which means the resulting weight loss is all abnormal body fat and does NOT affect your muscle tissue or the structural fat you need to support your joints, the pads of your feet and your internal organs.

      Why A Low Calorie Diet Isn't Safe Without ThinSlimRx
            A Low Calorie Diet without the use of ThinSlimRx will cause the body to go into a state of reservation. This happens because the body notices the lack of calories being taken in and notices that it needs to have the appropriate amount of energy in order to function. As a result, the body slows down the metabolism to save energy and effectively utilize the small amounts of energy it has from calories consumed. The body will also start to feed off the muscles to obtain the energy it needs in order to function if the caloric intake is too low. ThinSlimRx works to mobilize the fat from the abnormal fat stores so when the body is exposed to this low calorie diet, it will feed off of those fat stores instead of going into reservation mode.
           A common misconception is that a low calorie diet in itself will cause a person to lose weight. This couldn't be any farther from the truth; while consuming fewer calories will increase your likelihood of losing weight, eating a significantly insufficient amount of calories will cause your body to go into starvation mode.
           Instead of burning the stored body fat, it works to protect them and instead uses lean muscle for energy. Loss of muscle equals a lower ability to burn calories and a lower metabolic rate. The end result is that your body needs less calories to function and in the long run you don't lose weight. In fact, many people gain weight and wonder why when they are eating less!
           When in starvation mode, your body lowers its metabolism and burns less abnormal fat. The body actually works to protect this extra fat to ensure that it can function should this diet continue and, instead, feeds off of the body's lean muscle. A lower muscle count in your body lowers your body's ability to burn calories and lowers your metabolism.

      Go to ThinSlimRx Meal Plan for the complete protocol and meal plan.

      How much Weight can I expect to lose?
      All respond differently. Some lose more and some lose less than the average. However, the average person who follows the protocol correctly has lost between ½ pound and 1 pound per day, and women losing an average of 1/2 pound a day. ThinSlimRx produced no water and muscle loss, so all the weight loss was from abnormal fat.

      How long will a 2 oz. bottle of ThinSlimRx last?
      Approximately 28 days.

      What are the ingredients?
      1. Pure, 100% Kosher, USP food grade vegetable glycerine which means your cellular membranes are kept moist, absorbent and healthy (unlike alcohol-based formulations, which tend to dry cellular membranes) or colloidal-based formulations (which tend to have a disagreeable taste).
      -- Gymnema Leaf (Gymnema sylvestre) Ayurvedic herb: Makes sugar tasteless, aids insulin production, lowers blood sugars for insulin-challenged individuals.
      -- Kelp Thallus (Laminaria digitata): Thyroid stimulant. High in iodine, trace minerals, important minerals like calcium, iron, vitamin C factors, and proteins; helps to reduce oversized thyroid and lymph nodes.
      -- Bladderwrack Thallus (Fucus vesiculosus): Thyroid stimulant. High in iodine, trace minerals, important minerals like calcium, iron, vitamin C factors, and proteins; helps to reduce oversized thyroid and lymph nodes.
      -- Fennel Seed (Foeniculum vulgare): Reduces gas and abdominal pain, reduces appetite cravings.
      -- Gravel Root (Eupatorium purpureum): Diuretic, clears urinary/kidney tract obstructions and inflammations.
      -- Black Walnut Hull (Juglans nigra): A high source of iodine and silica, and one of the best known of all anti-parasite detoxifying herbs.
      -- Uva-ursi Leaf (Arctostaphylos uva ursi): Strong anti-bacterial and diuretic action that clears and cools kidney/urinary tract inflammations and obstructions.
      -- Senna Leaf (Cassia angustifolia): Stimulating laxative action, reduces constipation, cleansing and detoxifying action.
      - Hoodia Cactus Leaf - Excellent weight loss support herb. Used by the San Tribe in Africa to suppress appetite while sustaining energy levels.
      - Guarana' Seed - A strong adrenal stimulant. Natural Caffeine content helps increase mental alertness, endurance stimulant, reduces tension headaches.

      ThinSlimRx contains pure, 100% Kosher USP food grade vegetable glycerin - a non-toxic, natural food substance. Used as a preservative in the food industry, as well as a sweetener, it is very sweet, yet it contains no sugar. Does not contain alcohol, thereby eliminating the tissue drying effect of ethanol which causes cell membranes to harden and slows absorption. Glycerin has a moistening effect on tissues allowing a faster absorption of the ThinSlimRx.

      ThinSlimRx can be taken until you reach your weight goal.

      Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing or at risk for or being treated for heart disease. Tamper resistant seal. If seal is broken do not use. Store in a cool place away from sunlight.

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      Results may vary from person to person based on different factors. Testimonials and examples found at are results that have been forwarded to us by users of ThinSlimRx and may not reflect the typical purchasers experience.