Todd's Better Snacks - Protein Chips - Sour Cream & Onion - 33g

Todd's Better Snacks

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Todd's = Exceptionally GOOD 

Here’s your chance to order up a little summer sunshine. (We can’t ship you the bicycle tho, ok? Just the crisps.)

Todd’s Protein Crisps are a super delish & crunchy snack crisps made of Egg White Protein (and prairie lentils, and some other wholesome goodness!.

Why Egg Protein?  Egg white is THE GOLD STANDARD PROTEIN for athletes & growing (as well as grown-up!) bodies. 

Todd’s Protein Crisps contain 2 whole egg whites per serving.  They’re also gluten and peanut-free, keto & paleo-friendly & naturally low-carb.

  • Gluten-Free

  • Nut Free

  • Good Source of Protein 

  • 12g protein per serving 

Size:  33 g per bag

INGREDIENTS: Egg white, lentil protein, lentil flour, corn flour, pea starch, canola oil, pea fibre, seasoning (modified milk ingredients, salt, onion powder, sugar, citric acid, lactic acid, yeast extract, malic acid, spice bacterial culture, tocopherols, vitamin C ester)     

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