Todd's Better Snacks - Protein Chips - White Cheddar Flavor - 33g

Todd's Better Snacks

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Todd's = Exceptionally GOOD 

If you love cheese, this one’s for you...  Strong, sharp and creamy.  It’s MOZZA delicious. Very GOUDA. ‘Nuff said.

Todd’s Protein Crisps are a super delish & crunchy snack crisps made of Egg White Protein (and prairie lentils, and some other wholesome goodness!).

Why Egg Protein?  Egg white is THE GOLD STANDARD PROTEIN for athletes & growing (as well as grown-up!) bodies. 

Todd’s Protein Crisps contain 2 whole egg whites per serving.  They’re also gluten and peanut-free, keto & paleo-friendly & naturally low-carb.

  • Gluten-Free

  • Nut Free

  • Good Source of Protein 

  • 12g protein per serving 

Size:  33 g per bag

INGREDIENTS:   Egg white, lentil protein, lentil flour, corn flour, pea starch, canola oil, pea fibre, seasoning, (maltodextrin, salt, whey, non-fat dry milk, dextrose, arabic gum, yeast extract, cream, sunflower oil, natural flavour, vinegar, bacterial culture) 

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