Truvia - Brown Sugar Blend - 510 g Bag


Truvia Brown Sugar BlendTruvia Brown Sugar Blend is a blend of Truvia natural sweetener and brown sugar. It provides brown-sugar-like taste and texture in recipes, and is the only brown sugar product that offers 75% fewer calories than brown sugar. A 1/2 cup of Truvia Brown Sugar Blend (210 calories) provides the same sweetness as one cup of brown sugar (830 calories). Baked goods made with Truvia Brown Sugar Blend will have brown-sugar-like texture and moistness and will bake and brown like recipes that are made with brown sugar.

Size: 1 lb

Nutrition Facts: per 1/2 Tsp : Calories 5, Fat 0 g, Saturated Fat 0 g, Trans Fat 0 g, Cholesterol 0 mg, Sodium 0 mg, Potassium 0 mg, Carbohydrate 2 g, Fiber 0 g, Sugar 1 g, Sugar Alcohol (Polyols) 1 g, Protein 0 g.

Ingredients: Erythritol, Sugar, Molasses, Stevia Leaf Extract

Vendor: Truvia

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