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Keto Korner

Keto//OS SALE: Till midnight tonight (Wednesday May 24th) BUY 2 Boxes of Charged Swiss Cacao KetoMax and Get One FREE!!!!

May 24, 2017

Welcome back to Keto Korner!    Happy Wednesday everyone! Let's start with the news of the day....if you missed it on my Facebook page KetoNat yesterday, you still have till midnight tonight (Wednesday) to get in on this incredible deal on Charged Swiss Cacao Max....buy two boxes and get a third one for free! As always, to get the best price make sure that you have your Smartship activated when you place your order. Our topic today is about Caffeine - does it really help with fat loss? If so, how might that happen and finally, should you try to use caffeine if one of your goals is improving your body composition?   First - is it true that caffeine...

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Keto//OS Facts: How many times a day should you use Keto//OS?

May 17, 2017

LowCarb/Ketogenic Diet Focus:  Inflammation - Can Ketones Help? Keto//OS Facts: How many times a day should you use Keto//OS?  Get Free Ketones Through Pruvit’s New Customer Referral Program. Recipe: Roasted Butternut Squash Today’s topic is inflammation and ketones.  You may be scratching your head wondering how these two things are related and why you should care.  Allow me to explain: based on much emerging and recent research it would seem that our ketone friends can be extremely helpful in reducing and managing inflammation in our bodies.  This is a hugely important and often overlooked benefit of having ketones in our systems which is quite unfortunate as systemic inflammation has now been linked to pretty much any major disease you can...

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LowCarb/Ketogenic Diet Focus: Protein. You may not need as much as you think.

May 10, 2017

Keto//OS Facts:  Scale won’t budge?  Stay Calm and Read ON Recipe: Turnip Home Fries - Super Low Carb & Delicious! Good day!  Hot on the heels of last week’s talk on Carbohydrates, this week we deal with Protein….one of the big three macros that our bodies simply cannot do without.  Like carbs and fats, this category of food is often misunderstood and for good reason - from low protein diets to high protein diets, every one of them claiming to be the answer to your problems they all, every one of them, contradict each other.  But before I get into that - a tip that it’s Mother’s day this weekend…know what that means?  Well first, don’t forget.  Second, I’m going...

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