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Keto Korner

LowCarb/Ketogenic Diets: Be Open, Be Curious, Be Flexible

July 20, 2017

This post may be a bit controversial but it is important.  I feel so strongly about this that I am willing to buck the current “everyone needs to eat a high fat low carb” madness to explore the possibility that it just may not be the right path for you.  Gasp!  But isn’t my Facebook page called KetoNat?  Am I not a Bulletproof Coach???  And what about those exogenous ketones I’m always expounding the virtues of?? Deep breath.  I am not doing an about face.  I am not about to contradict everything that I have said and written over the past 10 (!) months - far from it.  If you have been reading my posts you have probably read my...

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LowCarb/Ketogenic Nuts about Nuts - Be Aware

July 12, 2017

People love to generalize….it allows us to make sweeping statements that cover huge ground.  The media also love generalizations - in a society that is time-poor, filled with people who just have time for soundbites of information, the less you need to say about something the better it is.  After all, in the online world it’s all about how many eyeballs, how many clicks etc…..The bad news, is that quite often we get incomplete information that ends up leaving people either misinformed or confused or both.    For the next few weeks I am going to be diving into some of the many sweeping statements that stream into our consciousness and try to give you some context so that you...

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LowCarb/Ketogenic Success Focus: Patio Season Survival Guide

July 05, 2017

  As Canadians we wait for Summer with unbridled enthusiasm, the warmth, the heat, the longer days, even the rain….anything but ice, cold and short dark days.  I am not going to lament the less than perfect weather we have experienced in may parts of the country…although many of us have seen hail recently it’s still not winter, so let’s just be happy for what we get lol.   I suppose that it’s because we wait for so long, that when Summer finally does hit, we will do anything to just be outside….enter patio season, the perfect opportunity to get some extra outdoor time.  The only trouble is, that the patio brings trouble for those of us trying to clean up...

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