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Keto Korner

My passions for Ketones explained - Intermediate fasting

January 18, 2017

Welcome back!  How have you done with your breakfasts since our last post?  Have you changed anything after reading last week’s instalment?  Do you feel any difference?  Send me an email, message me on Facebook via KetoNat - I’d love to hear from you! A big part of the world of Nutrition Science these days centres around the idea of Personalization - the idea that there is no one way or method that will work for everyone.  This leads us to the idea of “self quantification” which is a big word describing a method of tracking what you do and how it affects you - your energy, your sleep, your performance, your body composition etc….  We will explore this in...

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Breakfast Three Ways (#3 May Shock You!) Supercharged Nut Butters

January 11, 2017

Good Day Keto Friends!  How is your journey going?  As we move through the second week of January most of you are hopefully back into your routines and are steadily moving towards your goal of a healthy and successful 2017.  Today I thought we would discuss what has been a fairly controversial and at times confusing issue in the world of nutrition - Breakfast. Many people wake up in the morning and cannot wait to get downstairs to eat, they are just famished from their overnight “fast”.  For others, breakfast is a huge hassle, the most rushed meal of the day with all this pressure around it - you are told that if you get it right, there’s nothing you...

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Happy New Year! Routines & Consistency, and Keto O/S Hot Chocolate!

January 04, 2017

Happy New Year friends!  Are you ready to take on 2017?  I love January for the new energy and renewed focus it brings - there’s nothing like a fresh start!  No matter what happened over the holidays you have exactly that before you: a fresh start.  If you are one of the lucky people who were able to stick to your guns in the face of the cookie platters, figgy puddings, boxed chocolates and gargantuan meals you can pat yourself on the back, take a moment to celebrate your success and build on it.   If, on the other hand, you fell prey in spite of your best efforts to the endless barrage of temptations that paraded before you then this...

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