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Keto Korner

Genetics for Personalized Nutrition and Keto Breakfast Bowl Recipe

February 15, 2017

Happy Hump Day.  Hoping that you are all doing well as we move into the back half of February….this means that March is closer than January and that Spring is just about in sight!!  Is anyone else as excited as me about that?  OK, I’m pushing it I know, but work with me people - as you’ve probably figured out by now, winter is not my favourite season.  Having said that being housebound has it’s advantages - over the past two weeks, I have done a deep dive into personalized nutrition for a talk I am delivering to a group of Executives and their partners this Thursday morning.  I have always been a believer that what works for one person...

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Paradox of our Time: Overfed & UnderNourished - Valentine Keto Ice Cream

February 10, 2017

As I sit and write this today, a thin layer of ice collects on every surface outside my window - freezing rain is one of Mother Nature’s most subtle weapons - seemingly harmless rain falls from the sky and coats the world in a beautiful yet dangerous layer of ice.  A paradox of sorts - like a thorn on a rose…there are no shortage of these in the natural world around us but our topic today centres around a man made paradox, the idea of being overfed and simultaneously  undernourished.   This may not be the first time you have heard about the idea that in North America and increasingly globally as access to fast and convenience food is going...

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Keto O/S Conference Recap and Super Bowl Sunday Recipes.

February 01, 2017

Happy February to all!  Have you noticed that the days are already getting noticeably longer?  I was driving home last night at 5:30 and suddenly realized that it was still light out!  How awesome is that??  Granted it’s been more dreary than not for the past 10 days but not being plunged into darkness at 4:30 in the afternoon is nevertheless something to celebrate.  I was fortunate this past weekend to attend the Pruvit Conference in Dallas Texas where I got to meet some of the leading doctors and researchers working on therapeutic ketone formulations and applications, we were gifted with several personal development sessions led by leaders in the field and had the privilege to hear some of the...

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