Thermal Package - Thermal Box, Insulated Liner, and Ice Pack

Low Carb Canada


  • Non-toxic Ice Pack & Insulated Liner included
  • Strongly recommended during spring and summer seasons
  • Recommended for shipping for any chocolate, bread, donuts, cheesecake

Please note, even with the Thermal Package, your bread will not arrive frozen. Ice packs are meant to keep your product cool during the majority of your transit time. Both your bread and the ice packs may even arrive warm. This is normal!


Extra Large: Fits approximately 9-20 loaves.  

Large: Fits approximately 6-8 loaves.  

Small: Fits approximately 4-5 loaves.

Additional Summer Tips:

We strongly recommend placing your order so that it doesn't sit in the shipping system over the weekend. Consider placing your order between Saturday and Wednesday, and choose Express service if its available to your address. Orders made on Saturday or Sunday will normally be shipped on Monday. To prevent your package from sitting outside in direct sunlight, arrange for personal receipt or delivery to an alternative location.  If you choose to ship with Canada Post you may consider made a note to indicate (Card for Pickup),  they will leave a Delivery Notice Card for you and forward the item to the designated post office to pickup.   

Upon receiving your package, follow these guidelines:

CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS: Immediately place them in the REFRIGERATOR for at least 1-2 hours before opening to allow any softened chocolate to reset.

BREAD PRODUCTS: Freeze upon receipt and keep frozen until ready for use, ensuring the freshest taste and texture possible.

Vendor: Low Carb Canada

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