Zolli - Zaffi Pops - Original Fruit Assorted - 1.6oz

Zolli Pops

Indulge in the petite bliss of Zollipops Original Fruit Assorted, a delightful mix meticulously crafted for a symphony of taste. Our 1.6 oz bag is a burst of joy, perfect for those who seek a sweet escape while prioritizing their well-being.

Size: 1.6oz

  • Allergy-Friendly,
  • Sugar-Free,
  • Diabetic-Friendly,
  • Keto,
  • Gluten-Free,
  • Vegan,
  • Kosher,
  • No Artificial Colors,
  • Non-GMO

Ingredients: Isomalt Syrup, Erythritol, Citric Acid Natural Flavours, Natural Colors (Annatto Extract, Turmeric, Redbeet Root Juice, Spirulina, Blueberry Juice), Orange Oil, Stevia

Vendor: Zolli Pops

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