SweetLeaf - Stevia Sweetener - 70 Packets


SweetLeaf® Sweetener* is America's first, completely natural, no-calorie, no-carbohydrate, no glycemic index sweetener! Just one packet is as sweet as two teaspoons of sugar. Made from the purified extracts from the Stevia leaf, SweetLeaf® Sweetener„* has absolutely nothing artificial in it! Safe for diabetics and Kosher certified, SteviaPlus uses only the best tasting, highest quality Stevia. And unlike chemical sweeteners, SteviaPlus is great for cooking and baking.

Stir SteviaPlus into your coffee or tea, sweeten up your bowl of cereal, use it in your cooking and baking, and ban the calories and chemicals found in sugar and artificial sweeteners.

* Best tasting, highest quality Stevia
* Extracted using only heat and purified water, no added chemicals
* All natural
* Zero calories
* Zero glycemic index
* Zero carbohydrates
* Safe for diabetics
* Great for baking and cooking, unlike chemical sweeteners
* Kosher certified
* No saccarin, aspartame, refined sugar, maltodextrin, fructose, or artificial sweeteners of any kind!

Size: 2 oz

Ingredients: Inulin, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract, Silica.

Vendor: Sweetleaf

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